LAUL | Advocacy & Policy
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Advocacy & Policy



Since 1921, the Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) has been committed to advocating for and demonstration coalition building, collaboration and partnership among diverse sectors and agencies, giving its constituents greater access to opportunity.  As a partner with local, state and federal government, major colleges and universities, non-profit agencies and private sector firms LAUL provides a unique connection between the power structure, communities and the information and services each needs.

To achieve our mission LAUL has adopted programmatic and policy positions that calls for all Americans to be full participants in the economic and social mainstream of this region.

In pursuit of this end, LAUL;

  • Identifies principles that reflect the values inherent in the American dream;
  • Examines the conditions that have separated a significant portion of our population – particularly the poor and disadvantaged residents of the County and City of Los Angeles from accessing that dream
  • We then propose, for honest evaluation and discussion by diverse stakeholders
  • We then make programmatic and policy recommendations intended to bridge the gap between conceptualization and realization of the American dream.