The Los Angeles Urban League Brand & Style Guide was created to help ensure our brand is communicated and presented consistently to our external audiences. These brand guidelines enable us to promote a uniquely recognizable brand identity to stand out from competitors, and remain memorable in the minds of our clients, supporters, volunteers, staff, partners, members and funders across the Los Angeles region.


The Urban League brand mark and official LAUL logo are key elements of our visual brand. Both should only be used with the permission from LAUL staff and for endorsing initiatives and communications that align with the mission, vision and strategy of Los Angeles Urban League.​ LEARN MORE


The LAUL official typography exemplifies the brand of Los Angeles Urban League . The Arial font family promotes a simple yet structured look and should be used when creating any external communications, including official  LAUL collateral. This excludes event-specific flyers and materials that require a particular look. LEARN MORE


The Los Angeles Urban League official color palette helps our clients and community to quickly identify the agency brand – from signage to apparel. These guidelines help LAUL to create visuals that are harmonious.   LEARN MORE


The LAUL Communications and Public Affairs Team develops all advertisements to assure that all ads reflect favorably on the brand and image of LAUL and are consistent with defined standards, regardless of media type and relative to content, format and graphics. LEARN MORE


Images on the LAUL website, social media platforms and collateral materials should not only reflect the brand of the Urban League, but depict the audience in which it seeks to connect with.  LEARN MORE