The Los Angeles Urban League official color palette helps our clients and community to quickly identify the agency brand – from signage to apparel. These guidelines help LAUL to create visuals that are harmonious.

Always ensure good contrast and legibility of information.
Incorporate both colors and pattern when possible.
If limited to printing in one color, choose Urban League Red and its screens.

Urban League Red
RGB: R214 G0 B28
CMYK: C0 M97 Y100 K3
Pantone: 2035c
Hex: #D30000  (Websites & Digital)


Empowering Black
RGB: R0 G0 B0
CMYK: C75 M68 Y67 K90
Pantone: Black
Hex: #000000  (Websites & Digital)


Diversity Grey
RGB: R104 G104 B105
CMYK: C59 M51 Y49 K19
Pantone: 426 u
Hex: #686869  (Websites & Digital)



Los Angeles Urban League Community Pattern