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Explaining Hollywood: How to become a film editor

Explaining Hollywood: How to become a film editor

By ANOUSHA SAKOUIJuly 5, 2021 When Chloé Zhao was nominated for best film editing at this year’s Academy Awards, it boosted the chances that her movie, “Nomadland,” would win best picture. The Oscar win continued...

LA Urban League Aims for Black Economic Empowerment

LA Urban League Aims for Black Economic Empowerment

Nat Rubio-LichtFebruary 15, 2021 Linda Stewart’s South Central-based apparel business, Multi-Level Apparel T-Shirt Spot, was thriving. She sold custom T-shirts to schools, local sports teams and individuals...

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State of Black America 2020 Report unmasked

Urban League Report 2020 State of Black America Report
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1 day ago

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It's time for session for 4 of our BWAARP series! Register today for our August 11th virtual workshop with Attorney Caprice Collins and Dr. BJ Hawkins at the link below ... See more

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Join us for 'Your Next-Level Business' — a three-part webinar series that explores different strategies and approaches to help you turn your startup into a business that lasts.⁠

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We Must Not Take Our Right to Vote for Granted

We must continue the fight to protect our right to vote and strengthen the integrity of the voting process. Working together to advance change can only happen when all those in favor of change fight the same battle.

Black Restaurant Accelerator Program

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have heard a common refrain regarding the impact of this dreadful disease and the response. The pandemic has...

Do Not Whitewash Our History

The very reason we teach about past failings is to ensure they do not become part of our future. We learn about the pain experienced by those before us so that we may never suffer what they had to endure beyond its education.

The Los Angeles Urban League Congratulates Jamecca Marshall on being Selected as a NUL Emerging Leader

For the past 11 years, the National Urban League has operated an Emerging Leaders Program. This program identifies exceptional people from the Urban League affiliates throughout the country who display a strong passion for our mission and trains them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

We Stand with Our Jewish Brothers and Sisters Against Hate

Regardless of your political views regarding the military conflict, its causes, or its outcomes, there is no justification for any act of hate, bigotry, or violence toward our Jewish brothers and sisters. THIS MUST STOP.

Building Black Wealth

Building Black Wealth

By buying, residing, and building within our communities, we can regain some of what this country stole through Jim Crow laws, riots, lynchings, mass incarcerations, unjust policing, and other racially motivated statutes, regulations, and policies.

Remembering Greenwood

Monday, May 31, will mark 100 years since the Tulsa Race Massacre when white vigilantes descended upon Tulsa's Greenwood District, destroying one of...

Why We Celebrate Our Black High School Graduates

We must honor this powerful rite of passage for what it is – a transition and transformation in identity, life experience, and relationships, a remarkable milestone in the lives of our young people that we should recognize and celebrate.

Fighting the Stigma of Mental Health Together

The month of May is officially Mental Health Awareness Month. This month, we join the national movement to raise awareness of mental health issues, eliminate the stigma associated with mental health and elevate the importance of mental health care providers. Unfortunately, mental health is often overlooked in communities of color, specifically among African Americans, particularly among Black youth.

CA Steps Towards Ending the Cash Bail System

The current cash bail system in California is classist, racist, and unfair, and the California Supreme Court recently agreed to make a change that will address some but not all of the ills that befall our system.