Los Angeles

Urban League

Chief Executive




To help African Americans and others in underserved communities achieve their highest true social parity, economic self-reliance, power, and civil rights. The League promotes economic empowerment through education and job training, housing and community development, workforce development, entrepreneurship, education, health, and quality of life.



The Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) is leading the journey that started in 1921 under LAUL’s first leader Katherine Barr – to change social and economic conditions so that the underserved communities in Los Angeles can fully participate in American life.

To meet the needs of the diverse and growing communities throughout Los Angeles, the LAUL offers an array of programs with a focus on social advocacy, entrepreneurial enrichment, and workforce development.

Some of the marquee LAUL programs include but are not limited to:

• Construction Career Academy

• Backstage Careers

• Los Angeles Urban League’s Urban Center for Entrepreneurship

• Black Wealth Attainment and Retention Program (BWAARP)



To become the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a 100+ year old legacy-based, premiere organization that has an established social justice footprint in Los Angeles and is poised today, more than ever, to lead, uplift, and create growth opportunities for individuals and the community at large.

LAUL’s vision for the next decade is to create a thriving ecosystem of local Black businesses, homeownership, and jobs that will multiply Black wealth significantly by 2030. Over this time the LAUL programs will aim to increase Black business value (which on average earn one-half of the revenue of White companies) to match median business values in Los Angeles. Their job training and placement programs target an increase in the average worker’s annual salary by $30,000. New economic development programs focus on turning renters into homeowners and encouraging consistent investments to build wealth over time. LAUL will amplify their impact by building corporate and community partnerships and advocating before key political officials.



The Chief Executive Officer serves as the chief leader and visionary of the organization. In this role, the CEO is accountable to the Board of Directors and holds the responsibility of representing the League’s needs and interests at all levels. The CEO serves as the principal spokesperson and is tasked with developing, communicating, and inspiring action towards a compelling vision for the organization.

In addition to vision-setting, the CEO formulates both short- and long-term objectives, plans, and policies for the League. A disciplined approach to measuring and achieving organizational success is a key aspect of the CEO’s role. This entails establishing strategic goals and implementing effective strategies to ensure the organization’s progress and growth.

The CEO’s duties extend beyond internal operations. Building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders is crucial. This includes engaging with staff, board members, political figures, corporate entities, and other community and organizational leaders. By fostering these connections, the CEO promotes collaboration and establishes a strong network of support for the organization.

An effective CEO generates new ideas and takes a leading role in executing them to completion. They are innovative thinkers who encourage creativity and drive positive change within the League. Furthermore, the CEO plays a pivotal role in facilitating dialogue and advocating for inclusivity across various dimensions, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and economic differences.


To be considered, please submit your resume and cover letter of interest outlining the background and experience that makes you the ideal candidate electronically to ceo.laul@thehawkinscompany.com. Resumes received by August 11, 2023, will receive first consideration.

The position is open until filled.

For additional information or questions, please contact Yonnine Hawkins Garr at 323-252-1655, yonnine@thehawkinscompany.com, Todd Hawkins at 213-300-9342, todd@thehawkinscompany.com or Adrienne Montgomery at 310-995-3884, adrienne@ thehawkinscompany.com

“I made a commitment to do all I could to create a level playing field on behalf of my people…I’m in this to bring about change.”

– John W. Mack | Former Los Angeles Urban League President