Music Production 101

6-Weeks Hands-On Learning

Los Angeles Urban League has teamed up with the Grammy Museum to offer a free comprehensive introduction to music production. This six-week hands-on course is designed to acquaint trainees with the process of Music Production using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Trainees will learn how to produce a customized audio and midi configuration to create their own song using software instruments, loops and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) effects.

Dates: Applications are closed at this time.
Time: 2pm – 3pm (Optional Office Hours 3pm-4pm)
Where: Online.
Ages: 18-35

Learn the Basics of Music Production

Week One: Learning the DAW
  • Opening / Saving Projects
  • Arrangement / Mix View Windows; Transport & Playback
  • Previewing / Using Loops
  • Toolbox Functions & Zoom In/Out
  • Organizing / Naming / Looping Tracks & Regions
Week Two: MIDI and Virtual Instruments
  • Understanding MIDI / Piano Roll
  • Quantization
    • manipulation with nudging or the absence of
  • Step Input / Sequencing
  • Synthesis & ADSR
    • basic wavetable design and synth layering
Week Three: Mixing Part I
  • Setting Mix, Leveling, & Panning
    • balance makes or breaks a good mix
    • depth and perception
Week Four: Mixing Part II
  • EQ, Compressor, & Effects (Reverb / Delay / ETC)
    • additive vs subtractive EQing
    • finding balance between using FX to serve the song rather than it just sounding cool
Week Five: Project
  • Create an original instrumental using Audio and MIDI files
    • arranging elements of different song sections for parity and cohesiveness
    • production is used to serve the artist / get the best song possible
Week Six: Project
  • Mix down project using the 5 tools for mixing
  • Finalize and bounce out your project to an MP3 Format