Biz Camp


Turn Your Idea Into A Business

Los Angeles Urban League has partnered with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to create Biz Camp. Designed as a four-week summer program, this free youth entrepreneurship summer camp is both fun and intense.

Students will:

  • Hear from local business leaders
  • Learn critical thinking skills
  • Practice public speaking
  • Develop a business plan and sell actual products
  • Learn what it takes to be your own boss

Student Application

Biz Camp Starts July 5. Application deadline is June 3.

Volunteer Application

“The Urban League taught me to not only believe in my business, but also to believe in myself. It has shown me that entrepreneurship can be profitable.”
April Tate

BizCamp Participant

“BizCamp helped me gain a new view and mindset about starting a business. It has shown me that there is more to a business than a good idea.”
Christopher Young

BizCamp Participant