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We help businesses accelerate their growth through education, technical assistance, and access to capital.
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Los Angeles Urban League’s Urban Center for Entrepreneurship provides minority and women-owned companies with best-in-class business intelligence, one-on-one strategies for success, and a network of advisors and mentors that complement your company’s management team.

Learn & Grow

Connect with a mentor, expand your network and upscale your business with the latest technology.

Find Funding

Leverage relationships to access capital markets and get the funding you need to grow your team, buy inventory or purchase additional assets.

Access New Markets

Learn how to maximize opportunities within corporate and government contracting and procurement cycles.
It’s rare that a first-time entrepreneur will have the business network and contacts needed to succeed; but the Urban League has a long history within the Los Angeles business community. Our team and our brand is uniquely capable of opening doors, providing valuable connections and know-how.

-Brian Williams, Vice President and COO
Los Angeles Urban League


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Business Readiness

Let’s check to see that you have the minimum documentation to be considered ‘ready’. This tool will provide a numerical score from 0 to 100 to gauge if your business is ready for the next level.

Loan Readiness

Many lenders will have specific requirements that need to be met before lending money. Use this tool to check if you are ready to sit with a lender and provide all the necessary documentation for funding.

Contract Readiness

Gaining access to government and private contracts can be a powerful catalyst for business growth. Let’s check to see if your business is ready to take advantage of all the opportunities available to it.