Backstage Careers

Backstage Careers prepares participants to start a new career in the entertainment industry through education and training, and by partnering with employers in the industry looking for qualified applicants.
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Visual Effects

Start a new career in visual effects with this 12 week course in partnership with Impression VFX.

Video Editing I

Learn the basics of video editing and what it takes to get a job as an in demand video editor.

Industry Sesh

Learn the basics of the music business with hands on learning from the Grammy Museum.

Video Editing II

Build upon your skills and learn advanced video editing techniques  to make your portfolio stand out.

Los Angeles Urban League’s Backstage Careers works with TV and film studios, production companies, entertainment guilds and unions to provide clients with training, internship stipends, apprenticeships and job placement. Current partners include AEG, Grammy Museum, Times Up Entertainment, Chapeau FX,  Cedars Sinai, and Impression VFX.

Learn & Grow

Learn a new skill or trade with hands-on workshops and training sessions to increase your marketability in the job market.

Get a Job

After completing the program participants will have access to employer partners in the entertainment industry looking for qualified talent.

Grow Your Network

Learn along side others looking to grow their career and meet with employers and trainers who want you to succeed.

Start a new career in entertainment

Gain the skills necessary to work in film, television, live events or visual effects.

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