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Los Angeles is a global hub for the rapidly growing visual effects industry with high demand for skilled artists and technicians – no college degree required.

Get the skills employers demand.

In 12 weeks you will learn about the industry and the specific skills needed to become an integral part of making movies, television shows, corporate campaigns and more.

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From enrollment to graduation and beyond, LA Urban League can provide you with the necessary services to overcome obstacles and clear your path to a new career.


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After graduation you will meet with potential employers in visual effects who are looking for the skills that you will learn in this course.

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Make connections that can change the course of your career. Learn with others looking to grow their careers and meet employers and teachers who want you to succeed.

Los Angeles Urban League’s Backstage Careers program is proud to partner with Impression VFX to offer students a cutting edge curriculum in one of the fastest growing sectors in the entertainment industry.

12 Weeks

Updates coming soon.

Historical Overview

  • Develop an understanding of the industry in a historical context
  • Learn about the pioneers, innovators, and adapters of the industry
  • Examine trends, technology advances, and artistic developments

Production Overview

  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Workflow & processes
  • Sales, clients, operations & financials

Creative Overview

  • Departments & skills
  • Technology & tools
  • Review process, internal & external

VFX Departments Overview
Part I: 3D Department

  • Assets: modeling / uv, texturing, rigging, look /shader development
  • Matchmove (camera / body) & layout
  • Animation, technical animation, motion capture 
  • Effects, environments, lighting

Part II: 2D Department 

  • Rotoscope, paint
  • Matte painting, concept, design, motion graphics 
  • Compositing

From Beginner to Advanced Techniques

  • Rotoscope
  • Paint
  • Camera match move

Virtual Production Stages

Students will also be offered training in the burgeoning technology of “Virtual Production Stages” such as that used to film The Mandalorian, now showing on Disney+

Get a job.
Make a career.

Students will also get tips on:

  • Dressing for success
  • Workplace communication
  • Punctuality and time management
  • Managing conflict on the job
  • Money management
  • Job expectations
  • Career networking


Are there any prerequisites?

● At least 18 years old
● Able to work in the US
● Basic computer knowledge
● At least high school proficiency for reading, writing, and math skills
● Computer with internet access. If you do not have a computer and/or internet access please let us know in your application and we will help find a solution.

What exactly will I learn?

Students will learn the functional aspects of VFX industry standard software for the three skill sets of rotoscoping, paint, and matchmove. They will then specialize in one of those three, as determined by the recommendation of the instructor upon seeing their coursework.

Do I need any equipment?
No – instructional equipment and software will be provided during the term of the coursework.
What will I receive upon completion of the course?
Upon course completion students will receive:
● Certificate of Completion
● The beginnings of a demo reel
● Potential job placement opportunities