The Los Angeles Urban League through its partnership with the National Urban League and Waymo will provide 50 select community members temporary access to Waymo One, a fully autonomous ride hailing service, in Los Angeles this summer.

The National Urban League (NUL), one of the nation’s oldest civil rights organizations, is partnering with Waymo, the autonomous driving technology company, to launch a groundbreaking ride-hailing pilot program in Los Angeles, California. As part of this partnership, NUL’s affiliate, the Los Angeles Urban League, will provide selected participants with free, temporary access to Waymo One in Los Angeles. LAUL participants can use Waymo One, a fully autonomous ride-hailing service, for their daily needs –  such as commuting to work, going to school, or getting home safely – and are encouraged to provide feedback about their experience to help shape the future of fully autonomous ride-hailing. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders to empower personal and professional mobility.    

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Waymo. This pilot program based on an advanced autonomous ride-hailing service will offer access to new technology to the underserved communities we serve,” said Cynthia Mitchell-Heard, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Urban League.“By combining our strengths and resources, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the residents in our communities.” Mitchell-Heard was recently appointed President & CEO of the Los Angeles Urban League. She is the first woman in almost 100 years to lead the esteemed civil rights organization. 

Where you can go:

Waymo One currently operates 24/7 across 63 square miles of LA.

From Santa Monica to Downtown, let the Waymo Driver take the wheel.

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