Our scholarship recipients are at 100% continuation rate!

We are thrilled to extend a heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of our grads for their remarkable achievement in maintaining a flawless 100% continuation rate. Their dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to their academic pursuits have truly set them apart as extraordinary individuals. Understand that this is rare. You don’t see numbers like this on a daily.  Just check with the Pew Research Center or any college board research. 

This accomplishment is not just a testament to your own abilities, but a source of pride for your families, mentors, and everyone who has supported you along the way, especially the Los Angeles Urban League.

Our Program Director, Jamecca Marshall, was inundated with a flood of photos, acceptance letters, certificates, transcripts—you name it! The smile on her face radiated the pride of a devoted mother. Among our students, Anderson stood out; he shared his deeply personal life experiences in a touching essay. He courageously shared that at the age of five, he was diagnosed with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. However, Anderson’s incredible parents refused to let a diagnosis define or limit him. And, he didn’t.  He received at least nine offers, but ultimately selected the illustrious LMU, which happens to be the alma mater of our President and CEO.

We have so many more stories like this, but if we shared them all, this blog would turn into a book. Just know that maintaining a 100% continuation rate is no small feat; it reflects steadfast determination to overcome challenges and pursue excellence, especially in a world that often presents obstacles and uncertainties. 

With that said, the message below is specifically for our grads:

As you move forward, always remember the significance of your accomplishments and carry this momentum into the next phases of your education and beyond. Once again, congratulations on your outstanding achievement, and may your bright futures continue to flourish. The Los Angeles Urban League is incredibly proud of you, and we believe that your future is great, so whatever you do,  #KeepShining