Congratulations to the Entire Team for the Wonderful Success.


The Los Angeles Urban League represented at the 2023 National Urban League Conference. This annual event is the pinnacle of civil rights discourse, designed to advance America’s conversation about justice, opportunity, and the future of democracy. Therefore, we actively support the conference by inviting our team members to engage in the high-level program, learning, and collaborating with other affiliates. This networking ultimately makes our Los Angeles community stronger.

If you missed our highlights shared on social media, be sure to follow us there for videos and images capturing each day of the event. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Facebook or Instagram and follow for plenty of recaps. You’ll find insightful conversations with mayors, community leaders, business owners, and our team members. 

One remarkable recap is that we walked away with three prestigious honors. Our Guild members contribute diligently to our community and are deeply valued. Their exceptional efforts did not go unnoticed by the NUL staff. They were presented with the esteemed “Community Service” Award. Lillian Wilson, President of the Los Angeles Urban League Guild, was present to accept the award, radiating with beauty.

Moving forward, our dynamic Young Professionals, fondly referred to as the Los Angeles YP’s, are driving impactful initiatives within the city. In fact, they are set to host the Western Region Summit in collaboration with the National Young Professionals during Labor Day weekend: September 1-3, 2023. Check our events page and social media for full details. The influence and energy they bring are truly undeniable. Their dedicated advocacy efforts are deserving of significant recognition, a moment that truly materialized during the #NULConf23.

Comfort Agara, esteemed President of the Los Angeles Young Professionals, graced the event with her presence and accepted the prestigious award.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, our President and CEO, Ambassador Michael Lawson, was honored by National President Marc Morial on the main stage, marking an exceptionally special moment. Amidst joy and heartfelt emotions, the realization that Mr. Lawson’s retirement draws near became evident. We are not ready to bid him farewell just yet, especially after his heartfelt speech. 

We deeply appreciate the recognition of the man we regard as a hero. Congratulations, Mr. Lawson! We also extend heartfelt congratulations to our Guild and Young Professionals for their well-deserved recognition.