We cannot overstate the importance and the power of the African American vote. We don’t all have to vote as one, but when we show up at the polls, our impact is undeniable. When we do not show up, decisions are made for us and about us, but without us. We do ourselves a great disservice if we protest in the streets but remain silent on election day. Our ancestors fought, bled, cried, and died for our right to vote. It is unconscionable that today, people question whether African Americans will even show up.

To properly honor and respect our democratic process, we should demand that Election Day be declared a national holiday so that all US citizens can cast their ballots. The Los Angeles Urban League has joined with the nation’s leading civil society organizations in recognizing Election Day, November 3, 2020, as a paid holiday.

Participation in the election process is fundamental to the integrity of our democracy. We are encouraging our team and our peers to consider taking the day to vote and, if possible, volunteer to work at their local polling station.

We must show up this election. We must vote. We must participate. We must honor those who gave their lives for our right to do so.