On the day before schools opened across the state, Sanders’ Education Department abruptly ruled that it would not award course credits and wouldn’t fund an Advanced Placement course in African American history administered by the College Board — a course offered in more than 700 schools in 40 states.

Understand that this is NOT just Arkansas. These policies are happening across the country. Making it a Los Angeles issue. You’ve seen it. They started banning books, then courses, as a means to protect students from Black history. Excuse me, American history.

“We cannot perpetuate a lie to our students and push this propaganda.

— Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Governor of Arkansas

The irony here is that African-Americans in Arkansas paved the way for us to dismantle segregation among the nation. You remember how the Little Rock Nine was being watched by the world? Well, America has a front-row seat to the tomfoolery displayed by some of the politicians who are running a conspiracy campaign against Black History in America.

What’s happening is systemic. Oh, they’re good.

It’s stated that 44 states have developed or are in talks of teaching against race, specifically America’s sins against African Americans. It’s been slated as the “Conservative School Board Strategy.”

It starts like this. We know the history; therefore, we know their strategies. This is why the State of Black LA is important. One of our topics is Education. We must come together to ingest, digest, and process what’s going on and what we’re going to do about it.

Whether you want to discuss the school-to-prison pipeline, learning loss from the pandemic, the imbalance of our black boys in special education filled with Ritalin in their bellies, meet us at USC on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 8:00 AM and let’s talk about it. You, the Los Angeles Urban League, along with 350 other like-minded people, as NBC4 and Telemundo 52 broadcast it live to the world.

We only have 100 seats remaining. So, act fast and see you there.