In Honor of the Los Angeles Urban League Guild 

by | Jul 8, 2022 | President Message

Volunteers are a vital resource for any organization, and the Los Angeles Urban League is proud and honored to have The Guild, an exceptional volunteer organization, dedicated to our mission. Guild volunteers, or Guilders, are the heart and soul of the Urban League Movement nationwide. Together they contribute thousands of volunteer hours each year and fulfill a pivotal role in connecting the Urban League’s mission to the communities we serve. Guild members act as tutors, mentors, and essential volunteers, helping their respective Urban League affiliates by participating in programs that impact the lives of the communities we serve. 

Mollie Moon founded the National Urban League Guild in New York City in 1942, where she served as secretary to the Board of Trustees of the National Urban League. She was challenged by the National Executive Secretary, Lester Granger, to help The League increase its financial standing. Moon proved to be an innovative fundraiser whose creative ideas and projects helped to support the National Urban League and raise awareness about its programs. Although The Guild began as an informal group, it eventually developed bylaws and held elections, with Moon serving as president until she died in 1990. Today the National Council of Urban League Guilds is made up of over 40 Guilds serving major metropolitan areas across the country in support of the Urban League mission. 

In 1952, ten (10) ladies with experience and knowledge of business, health, welfare, education, and social and civic organizations founded The Los Angeles Urban League Guild (Guild/LAULG).

In 1952, ten (10) ladies with experience and knowledge of business, health, welfare, education, and social and civic organizations founded The Los Angeles Urban League Guild (Guild/LAULG). Florence Vaughn served as the LAUL Guild’s first president. Los Angeles Guilders have been instrumental in organizing highly effective voter registration drives from the very beginning. They also have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Urban League community programs and events over the years. When the pandemic hit, the LAUL Guild focused on serving our most vulnerable populations by helping with vaccination drives for members of our community, managing food, clothing, and donation drives for homeless veterans in what was called “Tent City” in Downtown Los Angeles. During the historic 2020 election cycle, the LAUL Guild partnered with Los Angeles County Registrar’s office to host a training series in our communities on how to use the new voting machines. 

The LAUL Guild is critical to the success of the Los Angeles Urban League. The dedication and tireless work of Guild President Lillian Wilson, the extraordinary team of 10 board officers that support their work, and the women and men who serve as members (yes, men can join the League as well) serve as an inspiration for all of us. The Los Angeles Urban League is a better organization, thanks in no small part to the contributions of this wonderful volunteer organization. To the women and men of the Los Angeles Urban League Guild, thank you! 

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