Viral Headlines of the Alabama Boat Brawl Overlook One Key Component

And the Alabama crowd goes wild! You heard it. The boisterous cheers echoed to Crenshaw Blvd all the way to downtown Black Twitter. It actually gives me pause, reminiscent of Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. She beautifully details the iconic Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling boxing match. She conveys how the entire Black community pins their hopes and psychological salvation on Louis, the “Brown Bomber” who interestingly hails from none other than Alabama. Is that analogy not a reflection of the recent “Battle of Montgomery Brawl” or as some say the, “Sweet Tea Alabama Brawl”? Admittedly, the violent display has our community torn in a sense. Yet, the consensus leans towards the side of unity.

Our legacy is rooted not only in resilience and strength, but also in unity.

There’s no more humor to add to the conversation, our fellow black creatives on social media have that handled. Have you seen the memes? Or the legendary “Sugar Shack” painting by Earnie Barnes reimagined by @premisterlin on Instagram? Truly brilliant! But if you have a moment, let’s get serious about the topic.  Despite what headlines and mainstream media snapshots have regurgitated, we are not like the silent and intimidated passersby in the backdrop of 12 Years a Slave.  That is not our essence. Do you remember that quiet brutality played out in that agonizing two-minute scene? Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character dangles from a tree on the tips of his shuffled toes between life and death. Curiously, critics celebrate it as one of the most amazing scenes in cinematic history —I wonder why. 

What I’m expressing here is that we witnessed who we are at the core. Innately, we as a people, can stand together and defend our fellow man, our brother. And that part can’t be overlooked in the conversation. It bears stating that while the Los Angeles Urban League unequivocally disapproves of violence, we hold steadfast to the belief that we are responsible for one another. We are our brother’s keeper. Even you. Yes, you, our esteemed reader, viewing this article, understand that you ARE our concern. Community, Advocacy, Equality, Empowerment stand as pillars central to our focus. So, let’s look at the lesson learned: We the people, have the capacity to unite. We will race, rush and swim to aid our fallen brother in self-defense. Our legacy is rooted not only with resilience and strength, but also with unity. As we fight until freedom rings for us ALL, beautiful people, we must stand united!