On Friday, April 22, the candidates for the role of Mayor of the City of Los Angeles will meet for a forum focused on one of our most pressing issues, education. This forum will allow the voters to hear the candidates’ plans for the future of education related to our youth and their families. We proudly support this opportunity to learn more about the mayoral candidates and their thoughts on this crucial issue.

Although the mayor’s role does not directly include the local school districts, the mayor can significantly impact issues that matter most to Angelenos. Support for our children’s education and enrichment does not simply benefit our youth. The training also helps the local economy by creating well-trained employees and eager young entrepreneurs.

The moderators will ask the candidates what they will do to help address issues such as:

  • Access to early childhood education.
  • Food insecurity.
  • The lack of computers and high-speed internet.
  • The limited access to after-school programs.
  • Access to summer jobs, and community school parks.

This ecosystem of support and education programs must come from our civic leaders. A mayor’s support is crucial to their success or failure.

The statistics are stark, the challenge is complex, and the needle is moving too slowly for the sake of our children and our future. Closing the gaps is a formidable challenge for our next mayor and all of us. The Los Angeles Urban League will support the city and school district officials, teachers, and staff as they work to ensure that our youth have the resources inside and outside of school to learn and thrive as they pursue their dreams.

We hope you will join us and our host, Los Angeles Coalition for Excellent Public Schools, on April 22 at 6:00 PM PST to meet our mayoral candidates. We hope that you will listen as the candidates for Mayor of Los Angeles tell us what they will do to prepare our youth and our city for the tomorrow that we all want to see.