African Americans in California want Bernie Sanders to be the next President of the United States according to a new statewide poll released this week. While Sanders enjoys strong support among people of color in California, African Americans were the most negative towards Donald Trump with only 5% wanting him to be the next President.

Poll finds Californians want Bernie Sanders to be next President.

Results showed Sanders beating out Democratic rivals Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer among the different racial and ethnic backgrounds, including 26% of African Americans and 33% of Latinos.  However, Whites showed the most support for Donald Trump at 31%.

Behind Sanders, Latinos were tied on Bloomberg and Biden, while African Americans chose Biden over Bloomberg and Asian Pacific Americans chose Bloomberg over Biden.

When asked of their opinion of Donald Trump, 82% percent of African Americans, the most of any racial group, had an unfavorable opinion of the President.  Asked if their opinion had changed over the last few years, 68% of African Americans said that they had a less favorable opinion of the President, while 24% said there was no change.

Californians do not have a favorable opinions of Donald Trump

As a reflection of Trump’s low favorability among African Americans, 58% said that they plan to vote for the Democrat in November no matter who wins the primary – again, the highest percentage among all the racial and ethnic groups surveyed.

“We’re not surprised with these results,” said Michael Lawson, President and CEO of Los Angeles Urban League. “African Americans have strong opinions about this President. As we approach November, you will find very little undecided or wait-and-see opinions in our communities.”

The survey was sponsored by The Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE), Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE), and The Los Angeles Urban League, in consultation with the Los Angeles Times. The survey was conducted by Strategies 360. See the full survey results.