Remembering Senator Dianne Feinstein

 On behalf of the Los Angeles Urban League, our Board of Directors, staff, and stakeholders, we mourn the passing of California United States Senator Dianne Feinstein. She was an iconic figure who blazed a trail for women’s rights, gun safety, national security, and the environment.

Senator Feinstein left a legacy of impeccable work on behalf of the people who lived and are living in California and the United States, including her interest in working for underserved communities, which aligned with the mission of the Los Angeles Urban League and other community-based organizations and community leaders.

Senator Feinstein also broke many roadblocks for women by, among other triumphs, being the longest-serving woman in the US Senate, the first woman to serve on the US Judiciary Committee, and the first woman to chair the US Senate Intelligence Committee, among other achievements.

Here in California, we will remember her strength, dignity, intelligence, and passion for working tirelessly for gun reform in America. Senator Feinstein was the premier advocate for gun safety. After seeing two of her colleagues killed on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco, Senator Feinstein began charting her career fighting against gun violence and authored a bill for an assault weapons ban.

Senator Feinstein was the personification of a partisan politician who could bring individuals with opposing views together. Her creditability working alongside her colleagues to bring billions of dollars to California is unmatched. We will miss her leadership.

Today, we mourn Senator Dianne Feinstein’s passing and honor her for making our state and country much better over four (4) decades of service in the United States Senate. We at the Los Angeles Urban League will miss her.

We express our condolences to her family and friends and wish that she Rest in Peace.