Construction Career Academy graduate praises the Los Angeles Urban League.

The Los Angeles Urban League’s foundation is rooted in the legacy of the iconic Whitney M. Young. At the core of this foundation lies a commitment to workforce development, training, and career building. We take pride in our work, having assisted millions of Americans from underserved communities through our programs. However, the most powerful testament to our impact is the life-changing stories of those we have served.

The accolades received this year, including high praise for our recent community event, “State of Black LA,” the increased enrollment in our Summer Biz Camp program, and grants awarded to local Black and Brown small businesses, are noteworthy. However, among these achievements, one of the most impactful highlights has been our partnership with JTM Academy. The success story of a Construction Career Academy (CCA) graduate, who described our work as “God’s work,” stands as one of the highest compliments the Los Angeles Urban League has received this year.

In the video below, you’ll meet Hector. He mentions, “In many generations in my family, there has never been an opportunity presented to us like this. It’s very humbling to know that there are selfless individuals in this world that want to help you. It really shows how selflessness can produce a lot of fruit. Keep it up, Los Angeles Urban League. You’re really doing God’s work.”