Today, the Los Angeles Urban League is asking everyone to take a moment to silently mourn the death of Office Fernando Arroyos of the Los Angeles Police Department.

On Monday evening of this week, 27-year-old Fernando Arroyos and his girlfriend were house-hunting in South Los Angeles while he was off-duty. The couple hoped to find a new home in the community where Arroyos grew up, the community he chose to serve. According to reports, while the couple was looking for a home, Officer Arroyos witnessed an armed robbery taking place. After ensuring his girlfriend’s safety, he engaged the armed robbers to protect other citizens from harm. Sadly, in an exchange of gunfire, the young officer was shot and later died.

Although I did not know Officer Fernando Arroyos, I do not doubt that he believed in the potential of South Los Angeles and saw it as a place where he could raise a family and build his hopes and dreams like so many others.

I believe that he viewed South Los Angeles as a community brimming with opportunity, with a history as vibrant as the people who call it home. We must do what we can to see that dream through for Officer Arroyos and others who have lost their lives to senseless violence.

The Los Angeles Urban League stands with the Arroyos family, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the South Los Angeles community as we grieve the loss of Officer Arroyos. Fernando Arroyos cared for and supported his family and cared for his community.

We send our deepest condolences to his loved ones, and we remain committed to doing all that we can to make South Los Angeles the home that Officer Fernando Arroyos wanted to help it become.